5 Training Changes I Have Made – Half Marathon

This past summer on a bit of a whim, I signed up for another half marathon.  It had been about 2 years since my first one and I was ready to get back in the saddle.   I went to a conference for work and they really stressed being your best self both professionally and personally. I started reflecting on things that made me happy and decided to just go for it and sign up for another race. I really like having a goal, running itself makes me happy and this pushes me to do it when life might otherwise get in the way. Something that helped me pull the trigger is that the race was literally 5 minutes from my house.  And a wonderful surprise was Eric, my husband, decided to do it with me!  He has run in the past, frequently doing a local 4 on the 4th race (crazy hilly and always super-hot) but this would be his first half marathon.  After the race, I realized some key differences between my training for my last race and this one.


Terrain Choices

Last time I did a lot of my short runs either on the road, on the treadmill, or in a local park. I really hated the treadmill, it was just so boring and I never felt like I got a good run out of it. I much preferred getting outside and going on the road. It’s much more stimulating and you can’t beat fresh air.

This time around, I did my weekly runs at a local track. Starting in the summer vs. the winter means I was able to run everything outside which is amazing. I know that running in circles too much may not be the best but it has helped me to run at a much steadier pace.

Using my Nike Plus Tracker/Running app, I could see that previously, I would start and finish really strong but have a very significant dip in my pace for the middle. Or I wouldn’t push myself and have a ton of energy left at the end. I started timing my laps on my phone so I could see if there were any big changes lap to lap and address it right away. I think that running on the track has helped me establish a natural pace that I can now use when I am on a trail or the road.

Scoping out the Race Course

In addition to running on the track, every week I went down to the state park where the race was to get my long runs in. I had a map of the course and ran it from the starting point. It is so valuable to be able to know exactly where the hills are (even though they are minor) in addition to the mile markers. Something that is interesting about this course is it goes through multiple different types of terrain. It starts in the park and you run on dirt paths through campgrounds and picnic areas. Then you have a section of well groomed trail in the woods, which is totally shaded (sweet!). After that you pop out on the roads in Madison for the majority of the middle miles. Being able to check this out and run it consistently has given me the chance to get a feel for the conditions including the wind, sun, elevation and smells (low tide – its real). For my last race, it was in Annapolis so I never got the chance to check it out before race day.

Running Without Headphones

Track photo
Not listening to music gives Eric plenty of time to steal my phone and take random pictures of me.

When I was reading through the rules for the race, headphones are specifically banned so I have been training without them. Which seemed crazy to me at first! How was I going to stay motivated? In Maryland I would listen to music and podcasts on my long runs to help pass the time. I really thought it was going to be a struggle to go without any kind of music. Now that I’m running without them, I think headphones may have been holding me back. Once I got going, I would just putz along to get the mileage in without focusing on my form, pace or how I felt. I had a pretty short stride and was probably running hunched just because I wasn’t paying attention. Now I am really feeling the run. I can check in more easily and if I can dig deeper, I do. If I notice poor form or some strain, I can adjust. I no longer need to be distracted while I run. Obviously after a while, my mind will wander (perhaps writing the outline for a blog post…) but I can snap myself in and out as needed. This has allowed me to keep a more consistent pace but also challenge myself and now I am going much faster. Much of my long runs had an average pace around 12:00 min/mile, some even slower. Now I am consistently in the 10:00’s. I don’t feel like I am training any harder, but rather, I am getting more out of each workout so I am progressing.


Having a Buddy

For my first race, Melissa of EatontheRun peer pressured encouraged me to sign up because she was racing. I then got my friend Erica to join as well. Even though there were a bunch of us running together, we all had different paces and locations – Erica was living about 7 hours away from me at the time. So the vast majority of my training was solo.

Having Eric running with me was a big change.  Not only does this help with motivation during the run (we get competitive with each other) but it makes it much easier to stick to our schedule. We plan our evenings around our workouts. Being on the same page Eric and Wendymakes things so much easier so there isn’t any FOMO – we can plan fun things for our rest days together.

Being afraid of missing things did get me in trouble last time. I got lax about following my training schedule in the final couple of weeks and ended up missing a lot of runs. My internship was wrapping up, friends were getting married/graduating and I was trying to prepare for life post internship in the real world. This time, I had Eric to really anchor me into the schedule.
Making a Time Goal

Last time all I wanted to do was finish. I wanted to run the whole thing and didn’t care how long it took. I ended up walking really only around the aid stations because I can’t handle drinking/eating while running. So I was happy with that.

This time, I decided to make a real concrete goal. Having a benchmark makes it easier to determine what a reasonable goal is. So this time, I set out to finish in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes which breaks down to about an 11:30 average pace.


Well the race went really well. It was a bit chilly and started a bit late but it was a beautiful course and we had nice weather.  We did miss our goal by about 2 minutes, but it was still better than my last one by 15!  I am really happy with how it went, especially because we only trained for 9 weeks and Eric was brand new to this distance.

Post Half

It was a great race and after a little hiatus, we signed up for another one this April! We are already so much faster starting out so I’m expecting some significant PRs in our future.


How has your training evolved over time?


All of this is based off of my personal experience as I don’t have any formal training to instruct others. If you are working towards a fitness goal, just be mindful of what tactics seem to work and if anything has changed since you started. Being adaptable is a great way to get the most out of you training and in general, your life.


Race Reeeeecap!!!!!


I did it! I have officially run my first half-marathon!!!!!!!  And I did it at a 12:35 pace, which makes me very happy.  I know that I’m no speed demon, but my goal was just to do it and have fun. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I still don’t think it has truly hit me that I ran 13.1 miles and that’s not a normal thing to do.  But I am really proud of myself.  This was the loftiest goal that I have ever set.  Now that I have done it, I’m ready to sign up for another one and set a new PR.  Even though there were some tough parts, crossing the finish erases all of that.  Sort of like childbirth, Smile

But without further ado, I present Wendy’s First Half: ZOOMA Annapolis!

We all woke up bright and early at 5am for a 7am start.  Sounds excessively early, but then you remember it has been 85-95 degrees all week and are incredibly grateful.  Fortunately, Kelly set our alarm as a Ke$ha song, so we started the day pumped.

Zooma 1 Collage

The start was at the Navy Stadium and there were about 1,000 runners so it was pretty packed.  We had a little fun with a photo shoot before things got serious.  Melissa and my friend Emily were our spectators and cheering section, so a special shout out to them.20130601_062159Kelly, Me, and Erica

Once it got closer to 7, we started to assemble.  They had pacers in the crowd holding signs for different times: 1:30, 1:40, 2:00 etc.  This is where Kelly, Erica and I parted ways because we all had different paces.  I found the 2:30 pacer, which was my reach goal (that I decided on in that moment lol) and got mentally ready. I had my iPod, my phone and a Gu in a little runners pouch.  I didn’t actually test the pouch out ahead of time, so I went on faith that it would work well. Thankfully it was just fine. Phew!

We had our tracking chips in the bibs, which I thought was really cool because you don’t have to worry about a little chip falling off of your shoe.  At this point, I was just ready to go and then we were off!

Zooma 2 Collage

The course was beautiful.  We went through the historic section down by the water, and then across the bridge.  The heat was pretty brutal, especially in the beginning because we were in direct sun.  After that, the course became much shadier and I could feel myself picking up the pace and pushing harder.

Around mile 4, there was a group that had some signs that were such a morale boost.  If you ever watch a race, just make a funny sign and you will make everyone’s day.

Zooma 3 CollageWorst Parade Ever, You trained longer than Kim Kardashian’s Marriage, In Our Minds, You’re all Kenyans

Fueling and hydration are so important so I took my first Gu at mile 4.  Then, thinking it was water, I accidently grabbed a cup of raisins at mile 5. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to get a little extra sugar in me.  I stopped at every water station and got 2 cups, one water, one Cytomax.  Then I just grabbed whatever was on the course so another Gu at mile 9 and a couple pretzels about a mile later.  DO NOT EAT PRETZELS IF YOU DON’T HAVE WATER WITH YOU! My mouth was so dry. Thankfully I wasn’t too far from a water station.

It was pretty funny because at one point, I didn’t feel sweaty anymore so I just thought, “ Wow, it must have cooled off/I’m used to the heat.” WRONG.  I was totally drenched but when your in a constant state of ‘glistening’, you stop noticing.  Another reminder to keep hydrating.

They had sporadic mile markers with inspirational quotes on them which was pretty cool.  My preference would to have them at every mile because not seeing any between mile 9 and 12  was a mental struggle.

Zooma 4 Collage

Towards the end, there were a lot spectators cheering us on with music and high fives.  I knew I was in good shape when I was able to bust a move to the Beyoncé blasting.  If you cant dance to Beyoncé, that’s when you KNOW your in trouble.  It was tough, but the crowd kept me going and I was able to pick up my pace for the last mile and finish strong!

The finish line was fun because they announced your name as you crossed. After I got some water in me we hit the expo!  I picked up my swag, including my necklace, yoga mat, water bottle and first timer medal.  Races are great. Where else do people give you high fives and snacks, yell compliments at you and then give you presents?

Zooma 5 Collage

Aaaaand then we hit the wine. Barefoot Wine was a sponsor and we HAD to sample each type.  It would have been a waste otherwise!  Combined with the heat and exhaustion, things got pretty silly, pretty fast.  But it was all in good fun and then we headed back to the hotel and grabbed some Thai for lunch.

Zooma 6 Collage

Overall, it was an awesome day.  I am so happy that I did this and my friends were right there with me.  I have a feeling I may sign up for another one in the next couple of weeks…

What was your first race like?

Race Weekend is Here!

I mentioned a while back that I signed up for my first half marathon, ZOOMA Annapolis.  And then I never really mentioned it again….bad blogger!  Between training and my clinical rotations, I got a little lax with my posts.  But after 3 months of training, the day is finally here and I could not be more excited.  I want to thank everyone who has helped me along.  Eric has been very supportive, always pushing me to do better.  Erica who has been training alongside me yet from a distance.  And Melissa who has had constant words of encouragement, motivation and advice along the way.  She also got me some sweet training swag including Gu to try outs  an iPod arm band and a Nike + bracelet that tracks your mileage.  All of this has been SO helpful and has made this a really great experience.

For training, I also got some awesome new shoes from Asics which now have about 200 miles on them (wow!).Shoes

Last night I hung out at Melissa’s where we watched Spirit of the Marathon, which followed elites and amatures training and completing the Chicago marathon.  It was so motivating!  I wanted to go out and run right away.  Now I just need to hold onto this energy for another 36 hours and I’ll be all set!  If you are doing any long distance race/endurance event, you NEED to watch this movie.

Spirit of the Marathon

I took an note from the movie and laid out everything I could need for the day of and then packed it all.  All in all, I have spandex shorts, a sports bra, tank top, socks, shoes, hat, running belt, Gu, Nike + bracelet and sensor.  Who says you only need shoes to run? 

Running Gear

My good friend Erica is running it with me so she is driving down for Mass with our other friend Emily (I have had so many visitors lately, it makes me feel VERY popular).  We are getting a hotel room in Annapolis so we don’t have to worry about driving in the morning.  I promise I will give a great race recap to make up for the lack of training coverage.  Wish me luck!

ZOOMA Half Marathon

It is official – I am going to run my first half marathon! 

Lucy Suprised

This has been in the works for a while now, but last night my friend Erica and I officially signed up.  Running has become a big part of my life over the past year or so.  After I ran my first race, I knew that I was hooked.  It was such a fun environment to be in and I wanted more!  I looked around and contemplated a 10K or doing some more short races, but I decided that I wanted something a little more ambitious and just went for it.  Over Christmas break, I proposed the idea to Erica and she was totally gung-ho so that just sealed the deal.

lets do this


I heard about the ZOOMA Half in Annapolis from Melissa, who is an ambassador for the race.  She made the point that for my first race, it should be an amazing one, and that ZOOMA definitely fit the bill. 

  • The course is right on the water and is very scenic
  • Its in early June so the weather should be pretty mild
  • It comes with a sweet swag bag (yoga mat, water bottle and custom necklace)
  • It’s a party!

Party? you may think skeptically.  How could running for over 2 hours be a party?  It looks like ZOOMA does their very best to make it as fun as possible.  After the race, there is an expo with shopping and massages, yoga classes, and wine.  If that isn’t motivation to finish, I don’t know what is!

In order to prepare for the race, I made myself a training schedule.  I got this off of the Hal Higdon’s website, Novice 1.  It was only for 12 weeks so I doubled up a few to stretch it out to June.  Zooma Training Schedule

To make sure I wasn’t going to wimp out, I completed the first week before I signed up.  I found that having this schedule makes it so much easier to workout. When I check the schedule, I just know what I have to do, and I do it.  Mentally, this thing is gold.


I will periodically post updates on how I’m doing and any tips I may learn along the way!


What are your long term running goals?