Back in time for the New Year

I’m baaaaaacck!  So it has in fact been a very long time since my last post.  This past year has been incredibly busy so blogging took a back seat.  Well as the new year approaches and everyone starts thinking about ways to improve themselves, I decided to get back to blogging.  I really missed the outlet of writing and I find doing posts keeps me sharp and current on different nutrition and fitness trends/research.  So look forward to more frequent posts in 2015!

To tide you over, here is a little bit about my life in the past year:

I bought a house!

2014-06-06 06.08.25 2014-06-06 06.08.12 2014-06-06 06.07.42 2014-06-06 06.07.04   2014-05-06 08.38.54And I got married! All wedding photos were taken by Robyn Blasi Photography.  We are currently her featured wedding so go to her website to check out more photos.

we-53 we-62 we-131we-398 we-193 we-199  we-400 we-442 we-456  we-464 we-484(1)  we-488  we-661 we-680 we-709 we-720 we-787 we-837 we-861Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more health and fitness posts from The Baier Necessities!!!


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