FitBit: a Bit of an Obsession

Back in December, I decided to treat myself to a gadget.  I had a bit of income from a retail job that I worked while I was RD Job hunting, and I hadn’t done something for myself in a while.  My friend Emily, who works on her feet all day, and I decided to go for it and get ourselves FitBit Zips.  We had heard great things from reviews and friends (*cough* Melissa) and wanted to see how active we really were during the day.  She got pink and I, of course, got lime green.  Well its been a little over 6 months now and I have to say, I’m still excited about it.


  • The zip is a pedometer that can hook onto your pants or undergarments
  • It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned-including calories from basic body functions
  • It syncs with your computer so you can see trends

2014-01-12 16.15.02

I wear this thing every day, occasionally missing it on the weekends.  When I first started it showed me that I was not as active as I thought.  I was on my feet for my job, but was really only walking 3000-4000 steps a day (goal 10,000).  Knowing his prevented me from over eating.  Now that I have activity built into my day and I am meeting my fitness goals, it makes it easier to eat appropriately.

More on the website:

  • You can track your food intake and it will calculate your needs for weight loss, gain or maintenace
  • You can manually enter activities not picked up like swimming or yoga
  • You can enter in your sleep for more complete wellness
  • You can compete with encourage your friends and other FitBit users!

Fit Bit Dashboard

Since starting my own FitBit journey, I have purchased them for Eric and my mom, and I know others are probably sick of me singing its praises.  But that’s not going to change anytime soon! I have found that having some accountability has made me much more willing to engage in both structured exercise and more activities of daily living.  If I’m reading on a couch and I’m thirsty, I’m more likely to actually get up and get water, rather than just sucking it up.  If a friend needs help moving something, I’ll lend a hand more readily.  I now see everything as an opportunity for steps.  I don’t think it has gotten truly obsessive, but it has made me more aware of activity opportunities.  A neat feature is that you can earn badges.  These can be a personal best for steps in a day or total miles over your lifetime.  Recently, I got this beauty:

Fit Bit BadgeAnd I am totally ready to walk 500 more. And wind up at your door… You can’t NOT sing that song. Right?  Overall, my Zip is very easy to use, is secured snugly and I love that it syncs, allowing me to see every step I’ve made over the past 6 months.  If you want a boost to get you going or to monitor your already active lifestyle, I say go for it.  They are about $60.00-$70.00 but you do get a lot out of it and it will last you ages.  Happy stepping!

Do you already use any other fitness tracking gadgets?



3 thoughts on “FitBit: a Bit of an Obsession

  1. They got everybody a fitbit (one) at work, and we’ve had a friendly competition. The numbers don’t motivate me that well on their own (although, like you’ve noticed, they can be a good way to gauge your overall activity level which can be difficult, and to know how much you should be able to get away with eating) but there’s some magic in knowing that somebody else has been walking a lot more than you, and then finally seeing yourself beat them. It’s very friendly overall, but it makes us accountable to each other. And it’s working pretty well.

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