Google Helpouts

In addition to my new job at the Mid Fairfield AIDS Project (which I love!), I have recently been accepted to a new program called Helpouts by Google!  During my job hunt, Laryssa, a mentor from my internship sent me information on a new, up and coming opportunity to offer counseling.  She had seen it featured in a CNN article and thought that it would be up my ally.  This was back in November.  It did seem like a really cool way to work so I asked to join the network.  They screened me as a nutrition provider and then at the end of February, invited me to join! It seems that they only let professionals join if they feel it doesn’t exceed the need, meaning there isn’t a flood of providers to bog down the system.

ImageSo what exactly is this exciting new platform?  It offers a structured way for professionals and amateurs to work with clients through video chatting.  It is broken into categories including Art and Music, Fashion and Beauty, and (my favorite) Fitness and Nutrition.  Hobbyists can offer their services for free with cooking lessons, make up tutorials or instruct clients how to make outdoor furniture.  Professionals like myself can offer whatever they trade in like Guitar Lessons, Public Speaking Coaching or Tech Support for a fee.

ImageMy personal profile outlines what I offer: One-on-one nutrition counseling for weight loss/management, conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as general wellness.  I am listed as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor which fits my philosophy that these aspects of health are best addressed though lifestyle changes rather than ‘diets’ and ‘quick fixes’ that may be trending.

This system is such a wonderful way to reach a whole new audience.  By removing the travel component, it makes setting up an appointment easier on both the client and the provider.  For example, if a mom with a young child wanted to lose some baby weight, she could meet during nap time.  No need to arrange for a sitter or fuss with travel after a long day.

It also allows providers to be more flexible.  I currently have my availability set for the weekends because I work full time during the week.  The first advantage is that I can see clients back to back more easily.  Secondly, I can still enjoy personal recreational activities. As soon as I finish with a session, I can go for a run, hang out with friends or go to a family occasion.  I wont have to hop in car to go home and spend money on gas.  This flexibility will allow so many people to offer and access important services, that otherwise would have been unattainable.

I am really looking forward to this new aspect of my career.  I would highly recommend browsing the site.  Many of the services are at a great discount, considering providers do not have to have a store front or office.Image

If you are interested in working with me specially, book an appointment today!


Do you like the idea of video chatting with a service provider?