Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite holidays.  It combines outrageously festive dress and candy.  Now I may be an RD, but I still love candy.  In addition to the regular activities, my father and I decided to try something new for the both of us: running a 5K.  You may be wondering, wait a sec, you did a Half-Marathon, surely this is nothing new.  The fact is that my first race was 4 miles, and from there I have done a 10K, Half-Marathon and another 4 miler, but I completely skipped what is usually the first step in racing. 

With all of my longer races, my dad was really proud of me and said he was pushing himself a little harder in his workouts.  He is a gym regular and has routinely done 2 miles on the treadmill a couple days each week.  As a challenge, I thought it would be fun to up it to 3.1, and he was totally on board.  We trained separately, but came together this past weekend for the first annual “Trick-or-Trot”, a fundraiser for the Daisy Ingraham Elementary School PTO in Westbrook, CT.



It was a very fanciful race with a costume contest, face painting, a bouncy house and a lot of children running alongside their parents.  I wore an old Native American costume over my running gear to get into the spirit.  My favorite group was a family of super heroes including a Batgirl mother/daughter pair, a Captain America father and a Buzz Light-year son.  The kids were pushed in strollers and would jump out and run a segment when the motivation struck.  It was so great to see parents getting their kids excited about exercise!

Wonder Woman pushing her child’s stroller.IMG_0246

It was a beautiful run that took us down along the beach.




The last 0.1 miles of the race was uphill (isn’t that the way) and my dad was able to speed away from me for a strong finish.  I kicked it into gear and finished 3 seconds behind him.  Dad 34:45, Wendy 34:48.  Not too shabby considering I was at a wedding the night before!


Unintentional Rocky Costume.IMG_0251

Proud finishers.IMG_0253

We both had a great time and I see more races in our future.  Maybe I can make myself a new Half-Marathon buddy.  (Melissa rubbed off on me). 

If you are a runner or an aspiring runner, I would highly recommend doing a 5K with a friend.  Having a race date will keep you focused on your goal and doing it with a buddy will make the day of a lot more enjoyable.  You can soak up the events associated with the race and catch up with each other. 

Who do you like to run with, and do you encourage others to race with you?


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