Whoa, I’m Done – Graduation

After 4 years of college and 10.5 months of my internship, I am officially done with all of my education needed to become an RD!


It has been a steady journey and now that it has come to an end, I can see how far I have come.  During my internship, I have learned so much.  Obviously a lot about nutrition, but also working with people, getting used to having legitimate job responsibilities and balancing life and work.  There were times when I got frustrated that I couldn’t just start working for real, but looking back, I can truly appreciate how valuable all of this experience was.

To celebrate the end, we had a couple of events.  The first being a pool party!  The interns were able to come over to our place and just relax before our elective week.  All of our assignments were over and every piece of paperwork was handed in.  Most of the day we spent just chatting. Topics included food, races, weddings and jobs. 

For a bit of fun, we had intern superlatives!  We voted ahead of time and Mavis and Melissa C made us some fabulous swag sashes.  Drumroll please!

  • Maria – Top Chef – read her blog, you’ll agree
  • Nikki – Most Sassy
  • Melissa G – Queen of Social Media
  • Me – Most Resourceful
  • Mavis – Worst Driver – to be fair, she was just the newest driver and did very well all year
  • Amy – Best All-Around
  • Jenn – Most Outspoken
  • Melissa C – Most Creative + Class Comedian
  • Bethany and Margery – Best Intern Duo

Everyone fit their title very well.  And although I think that Melissa and I are an excellent pair, when you see Margery and Beth together, it totally makes sense.  Smile

Pool Party Collage

Our next celebration was a bit more formal: graduation!  Appropriately, it was held at the National Agriculture Library where we spent plenty of time through our FNIC rotations and class days.  It was a brief ceremony (easy to do with only 10 graduates) and it left plenty of time to meet each others parents and significant others (finally met Allan, Margery’s BF).

Graduation Collage 1

Graduation Collage 2

As a memento, we had some tank tops made with all of our names, the UMD turtle and the phrase #quack.  Quick shout out to Dario, Maria’s husband for designing them for us!  The # is an homage to Phyllis, our director.  Her cellphone ring is a duck quack that we will always associate with her. 

Quack Collage

Fun Fact: 4 of the interns have sisters that are 3 years younger them, one of the many things we bonded over.  Naturally, we had to take a photo.  I love how each sister pairs are so obviously related.

Sisters graduation

It was an awesome day because it means we are all one step closer to being working professionals.  It was a sad day because I moved back to CT that weekend.  I already miss all of the other interns so much, and it has only been a week.  We have discussed it and we will absolutely make plans to visit.  I think think it was Melissa’s plan all along to get me into running so we can have reunion races.  And to her I say, “Well done.” 


Now I am back in CT, reunited with my old friends, family and of course, Eric (the fiancé).  It is really great to be home, but I know that Maryland and the other interns will always have a special place in my life.  

Now, onto bigger and better things as I dive right into the job market.  Wish me luck!


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