Race Weekend is Here!

I mentioned a while back that I signed up for my first half marathon, ZOOMA Annapolis.  And then I never really mentioned it again….bad blogger!  Between training and my clinical rotations, I got a little lax with my posts.  But after 3 months of training, the day is finally here and I could not be more excited.  I want to thank everyone who has helped me along.  Eric has been very supportive, always pushing me to do better.  Erica who has been training alongside me yet from a distance.  And Melissa who has had constant words of encouragement, motivation and advice along the way.  She also got me some sweet training swag including Gu to try outs  an iPod arm band and a Nike + bracelet that tracks your mileage.  All of this has been SO helpful and has made this a really great experience.

For training, I also got some awesome new shoes from Asics which now have about 200 miles on them (wow!).Shoes

Last night I hung out at Melissa’s where we watched Spirit of the Marathon, which followed elites and amatures training and completing the Chicago marathon.  It was so motivating!  I wanted to go out and run right away.  Now I just need to hold onto this energy for another 36 hours and I’ll be all set!  If you are doing any long distance race/endurance event, you NEED to watch this movie.

Spirit of the Marathon

I took an note from the movie and laid out everything I could need for the day of and then packed it all.  All in all, I have spandex shorts, a sports bra, tank top, socks, shoes, hat, running belt, Gu, Nike + bracelet and sensor.  Who says you only need shoes to run? 

Running Gear

My good friend Erica is running it with me so she is driving down for Mass with our other friend Emily (I have had so many visitors lately, it makes me feel VERY popular).  We are getting a hotel room in Annapolis so we don’t have to worry about driving in the morning.  I promise I will give a great race recap to make up for the lack of training coverage.  Wish me luck!


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