Healthy Vacations

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I got to celebrate with some of my favorite girls who came down to visit.  I haven’t seen some of them since Christmas and I was so happy to be reunited!  They hadn’t been to Maryland so we did all the touristy things and had a blast.  A potential problem with little vacations is that fitness and sensible eating usually take a backseat to fun and new foods.  Fortunately, we were able to have a healthy weekend while still enjoying ourselves.  Here are some of the things we did.

1. Plan to make one meal a day

Before they came down, I asked them what groceries they wanted and I got the order for produce and eggs.  So I was ready for breakfast!  I went to the store and got a wide variety of fruits and veggies including watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, mango, bananas, frozen cherries, spinach and tomatoes.  Sounds like a lot but it only cost me about $20.  With all of this, we made smoothies!  Everyone could customize what they wanted, so it was still a treat.  With the smoothies, we would have fried or scrambled eggs with some veggies mixed in.  Not a bad way to start the day!

Smoothie Collage

2.  Be strategic when eating out

On Saturday, we went into DC after breakfast.  We knew we wanted to go some place fun for dinner, so for lunch we grabbed something small like a yogurt or a salad at Starbucks.  This way, we weren’t stuffed and when we got to eat our sushi at Raku (which was AMAZING) we were able to totally enjoy it.  One of the things on our weekend bucket list was to eat crab because “Football and crab cakes – that’s what Maryland DOES!”.  We went to Buddy’s in Annapolis and all got a different crab dish – pasta, gumbo, crab on salmon and of course, a crab cake.  Everything was great and we all took home leftovers.  On vacation, its tempting to eat out all the time, but to save on calories and money, plan on having leftovers the next day.  We heated them up today before everyone had to hit the road and had a nice final meal together. 

Meal Collage


3. Plan physical activity, not necessarily exercise

Vacations are meant to be fun, and not everyone exercises the same way.  Me and Erica are runners, while Chelsey and Jasseigh are dancers.  So going for a 5 mile run would have pleased half the group and been miserable for the other half.  Instead of choosing something so formal, we opted to incorporate activity all day.  On Saturday we visited DC, went through the art museum and toured the monuments.  Over the course of the day, we walked 8 miles!  Not too shabby for an accident.  That night we also went out dancing and had such a good time.  The next day we walked around Annapolis and today we went to a local park and went around the lake, about a 2.5 mile walk.  This was great because we were able to catch up and just chat while seeing the sites.DC  Collage

Hiking Collage

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while.  It may throw off your normal routine, but isn’t that the point?  Use it as an opportunity to try something new while still keeping your health in mind. 

How do you stay healthy on vacation?


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