Nike Training Club for Cross Training

During my training for my half marathon, in addition to running, I need to complete weight lifting, cross training in addition to running.  That’s great! But how do you know what to do?

In college, our gym was fully equipped with every weight lifting machine you could need, so that was never a problem.  Now, I don’t belong to a gym and just use the one in my apartment complex which is a great space, but pretty limited in its supplies.  But even with all those machines, what exactly is cross training? 

Fortunately, technology has come to my rescue.  I use Nike Training Club.  IMG_0878[1]

It’s a free app that has a TON of workouts.  These range from full body cross training routines or they focus on a specific area of the body like your core or legs. 



I really like this app.  It has a nice variety of exercises and puts them together in a way that gives enough challenge but doesn’t overwhelm you.  To get the most appropriate routing, it  has you select your difficulty level. It also repeats exercises so you get used to them but still throws in new ones and changes the combinations to keep it fresh. 

During your workout of choice, you can play any music you want.  The music will automatically quiet down when the app instructs you on an exercise, or when it offers encouraging phrases like “dig deep” or “your doing great”. 

The next thing that I really like is that it keeps track of everything so you can monitor your progress.  It shows the specific workouts with a date stamp.  It also keeps track of your overall minutes.  When you reach certain minute markers, you earn badges and sometimes unlock prizes like smoothie recipes or bonus workouts. 



If you are looking for a way to incorporate cross training that incorporates free weights and doesn’t require any large equipment, this may work well for you.  It can also teach you different exercises you can do on your own if the app itself isn’t for you.  Because its free, try it out for a few workouts and if you don’t like it, no harm done. 

Something that I keep in mind is that if a particular exercise is just too difficult, it is okay to modify it.  I would rather do a less challenging version that to just give up.  For instance, if something is too difficult with weights, I will still go through the motions without them.  I figure this will help me build up my strength and work towards being able to do the exercise full out. 

I’m curious what other people do for cross training because I’m sure that there are a million different ways to go about it.  So let me know what works for you!

How do you cross train?


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