Good-bye sugar! See you at Easter

Easter Collage

The season of Lent is again upon us!  Thus far on my blog, I haven’t divulged too much personal information;  I am a a Congregationalist and every year I give something up for Lent.  Since high school, my dad and I have chosen to give up sugar.

Now every time I say this, I get some snarky comment, “Ummmm you know fruit has sugar, right”.  I have a degree in food, I am well aware.  What we do is give up sweets and then take it a step further and try and eliminate added sugars in our diet.  This way if I have a craving for chocolate, I wont just go and get a big bowl of sweetened cereal.  I’ll think about it a bit and grab fruit or another healthy snack.  I also try not to replace it with artificial sweeteners.  Its more about the flavor than the source.

Obviously, avoiding every gram of added sugar would be an immense commitment, so I do the best I can.

In addition to my father, my friend Jasseigh does it with me too.  Why do we do this?

Jasseigh ConfusedWhatever whatever we do what we want!

But seriously.  Originally, my dad said he lost about 5lbs every year when he did it.  That was certainly motivation to a high school girl!  I never had the same results, but I did find that it makes me very aware of what I’m eating and how frequently I indulge.  I find it refreshing and a nice restart button (like new years but without all of the hype).

While doing something like this, its great to have others that do it with you.  Support

You can support each other.  Literally.

If you participate in Lent, take this time to pick something you really want to reflect on.  From my experience, it doesn’t have to be profound, but even the little things can have a positive effect.

As an unintended consequence, you can expect me to be making more entrees and side dishes rather than desserts (the recipes page is getting a little unbalanced).  I generally enjoy baking more, so this will force my hand into cooking.

Do you give up anything for Lent?


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