Smithsonian Part 3: Natural History Museum

Mammals!!! I liked American History, but there is really no competing with a bunch of animals, dinosaurs, and diamonds.  It was so nice because the museums are literally across the street from each other so it makes exhibit hopping really easy. 

We started off with the Mammals room which showed a ton of exotic animals set in realistic habitats.  We got a little goofy here. 

Animal Collage

Two of us have animal last names Baier (bear) and Beaver.  Naturally we sought out our relatives. 

Me and my sisters, Rachel and Jessie.Bear

My animal instincts coming out.Bear 2

We aren’t usually shy, but when we are, we are adorable.Bear 3

I guess I’m the baby bear.IMG_0930


Bethany Beaver

I don’t even know how to describe this one SmileBethany fox

Mavis didn’t have an animal of her own, so we found the cutest one to pose with.Mavis

After the mammals, we checked out the fossils.  There were some crazy skeletons on show.  The two photos on the left side are sloths. SLOTHS! They were about 12 feet tall and had bones so thick, they looked more like transformers than animals. 

Fossil Collage

To finish off the day, we went up to the gems section and saw the Hope Diamond.  It is now over 45 carats, but when it was discovered, it was more than 120! Originally, it was cut down to be a crown jewel.  After being passed down through the royal line, it disappeared for 20 years.  When it resurfaced, it was even smaller.  I cant imagine having something that huge and record breaking diminished.  Another thing that I learned is that the diamond is flawless.  I knew it was the largest, but I didn’t realize it had such a high quality as well.  This last stop was a great way to end the day.  We got a little silly and didn’t have to read too much.  After a while, no matter how interesting something is, you just cant retain any more information.  Does that happen to you?

This whole trip is a part of me realizing that I am over halfway done with my internship.  Crazy right? I have no idea where the time went and even though I’m excited to finish, it is motivating me to see all of the sights that I can while I’m down here.  I am less than an hour from DC, home to all of these wonderful museums and monuments.  The fact that everything is free isn’t bad either.  I’ll definitely have more blogs related to the local area.  IMG_0949

What is your favorite Smithsonian?


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