Preparing Pomegranates

People talk consistently about getting more servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet.  It’s a great idea with science supporting it.  To promote this idea, educators often introduce exotic fruits or non-typical vegetables to get people talking.  The problem with this is that these foods often require very particular preparation that can be intimating and a barrier to people trying that food.  I was the same way with pomegranates.  I had heard so much about how good they were for you, but also how expensive it was to buy just the juice, so I set out to get one myself.  I went looking and found instructions and now I want to share them with you!

First, you will need a bowl full of water, a sharp knife, a cutting board and a strainer.

Take your pomegranate and cut into it about a centimeter deep all the way around.  Don’t cut all the way through, because it will slice open some of the pods.  Once you have made the cut, start twisting each side back and forth until they separate.

Take the two sides and place them into the bowl of water.  Let them soak for a few minutes, then take in hands and us your thumb to pop the seeds out into the water.  The seeds will sink to the bottom while the skin and inner membrane will float to the top.

Keep doing that until all seeds are out.  This will take a way, maybe about 10-15 minutes.  You can skim the remains off of the top and then pour everything into the strainer.  Viola!  Now you have between 1-2 cups of seeds, depending on the size of your fruit.


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