Food Truck Friday

Melissa and I are currently stationed in DC for our rotation with IFIC.  One of the excellent perks of being here is the food!  Food trucks have become so popular lately, appearing in popular sitcoms, commercials and even getting their own food network show, The Great Food Truck Race.  Sadly, suburban Connecticut is not thriving with this trend so I really haven’t had a chance to get the full experience.

However, since moving to Maryland, I have made such an effort to sample, taste and enjoy as much of this cuisine as possible.  It started with the Funky Fresh Foodie Fest in DC in late august. Some of the other interns and I rode the metro into the city for this food truck FESTIVAL (so much excitement) that featured 10 different food trucks, with morsels ranging from Korean BBQ to tacos to tapas and cupcakes.  We had a great time and really got to immerse ourselves in this new trend.

Now that we are stationed in DC, I don’t have to wait for a festival to enjoy it.  Two blocks from where I work is a small park which attracts around 20 different food trucks every day for lunch.  Just like the festival, there is a huge variety of choice.  As a treat at the end of the week, Melissa and I have been embracing our Food Truck Friday.  It is nice to walk outside and experience the bustle of the city.  What I really enjoy is that everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  Sure, there are other young professionals grabbing a bite, but there are also men and women in suits, sitting on the grass, eating a falafel.  It takes some of the intimidation out of this very professional city and softens the people.

The fist week, we scouted through all of trucks, just to see what was available.  The most common offering was tacos/burritos, followed closely by Mediterranean food like gyros and falafel.  Low and behold, that’s what we have gotten both times.  To date, we have had gyros from three different vendors, each surpassing the last as the new favorite.

On Friday, I decided to venture out and try the other most popular item: tacos.  These were probably the most delicious tacos that I have ever had.  They came from DC Taco Truck.  I got one steak taco with spicy chipotle sour cream and one shrimp taco with the smoky cumin sour cream.  They were each loaded with cabbage, Pico de Gallo, cheese and a fresh slice of avocado.  I’m glad that I sampled both of the sour cream options.  They were so different from each other and gave the food a completely different vibe.  I also enjoyed the cabbage.  It was mild but it added a nice crunch and filled it out.  If you can’t tell, I would highly recommend DC Taco Truck.  To find their location, you can follow them on twitter, a strategy that most trucks are using nowadays to keep in touch with loyal customers.

  As an additional treat, we got fro-yo from Frozen Yo, which has a shop right next to the green.  Typically, I get fruit as toppings (seriously) but when Melissa scoffed at my lack of chocolate, I decided to have a more decadent serving.  I still had plain vanilla as a base but then I loaded it with heath bar, Reese’s, a Kit-Kat and yogurt covered pretzels, and then drizzled the whole thing in chocolate sauce.  Healthy right? Well, I guess we don’t call it Fit Day Friday for a reason.

It was such a beautiful day, nearing 80 degrees and we got to enjoy a whole hour outside with what seemed to be the entire neighborhood.

What food trucks have you tried?


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