Natural Products Expo East Recap- September 22, 2012

I had the opportunity to attend the Natural Products Expo East, hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.  It was a Imagegreat experience and gave me a chance to test out new products and to see what kinds of things are available on the market.

Tieraona Low Dog MD was the guest speaker, discussing her book, “Life is Your Best Medicine”.  She was an excellent speaker and had a lot of great personal stories.  She was pretty crunchy granola, definitely a non-traditional thinker.

After her talk, I explored the expo floor.  There, I had the opportunity to meet Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill and Ken Koopman, the author of Bob’s biography.  It was so exciting to meet them both!


I received a signed copy of “People Before Profit” and I cannot wait to dive right into it. Before the expo, I was unfamiliar with with this brand so I looked into it when I got home.

Bob’s Red Mill manufactures a wide variety of grain products including oats, cereals, granola, flours and more.  Because of their product diversity, they are a popular brand for those with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance.  The whole company seems to be very personal and has a traditional homeyness that is really nice.  When I test out the free sample I received, I will be sure to add an update.

   Bob’s station was only a tiny part of the expo that spanned what seemed to be the entire convention center with products ranging from snacks, to entrees, elixirs, shampoo, pet products and household cleaners.  We made out like bandits with all of the free samples.


   I was intrigued by the creativity of some of the products and presentation.  For example, the clam chowder was prepared as a quesadilla.  Strange? Yes.  Delicious? Absolutely.

   What is the most interesting product or display that you have seen with food?


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